Like you're working anyway—#rockretractions

You could argue that Austin’s Wild Seeds issued the first rock retraction, and an in-song retraction at that, with their “I’m Sorry, I Can’t Rock You All Night Long.” Nevertheless, although the pace seems to be slowing, a Twitter search for the hashtag #rockretractions provides minutes of fun and amusement, and an almost perverse desire to start creating your own. I managed to stop myself at four. Share yours if’n you feel like it.

Came to find out it was just rockin’ chronic bronchitis and boogie-woogie flu-like symptoms. #rockretractions

In my favor I would point out that technically the Jack of Spades is third in the line of succession. #rockretractions

I know I said that, Miss Annie, but my back, oy! It’s killing me.#rockretractions

All right, I’m still amused by the U.S.A., I was just flirting with Portugal. #rockretractions