Candy bar slabs in the ATX

 I’m sure the trend has been around for a while, but I hadn’t seen a real live example of it in the ATX until the past couple of weeks: slabs* painted to look like candy bars. I saw a Mr. Goodbar slab on the highway and a Skittles slab behind the rent-a-rim shop at 38th and I-35. Spending thousands of dollars and untold hours dressing a car up to resemble consumer product packaging—now that is some unsolicited brand love right there. Next time I’ll be quicker on the camera phone, but here’s a nice example from the webs:

And here’s a video of some beautiful slabs in Austin this past spring. No candy bars—closest it gets is the Swisher Sweets car at 1:21. Not quite the same level of innocent whimsy, I’ll admit, but still stoopid cool. Warning: screwed-up soundtrack may not be tolerable to caffeinated listeners.

*Some say the term refers to the wide, flat shape of the 80’s-era American sedans popular with customizers; others claim it’s an acronym for slow, low and bangin’, slow, loud and bangin’, or similar constructions.