Spot the difference: field of tulips

There are 5 key differences between these photos. Can you name them? Answers below.
No peeking!


1. The most prominent tulip in the lower right quadrant somehow has more shimmer.
2. There’s a bee behind the tulip directly in the middle of the sixteenth row.
3. Same row, 12 flowers to the right, this tulip dropped a petal (not seen).
4. One of the tulips in the lower left quadrant has a guilty conscience. 
5. The tulip three flowers below and four flowers to the left of the very centermost tulip changed colors and then changed back again just before this was posted.

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1-3 Great! Try again to see if your score improves!
3-4 Hey, watch where you aim that brain!
Perfect Score—How may I serve you, o leader?