Lovin’ the nasal douche packaging, Jerry!

Sinus Rinse by NealMed Pharmaceuticals, why do I love thee? Is it because your gentle, positive pressure flow blasts through my ridiculously narrow nostrils to bathe the nether regions of my cavities in soothing, warm saline solution? Is it because you named your nasal douche after your son, whom I am sure will never be teased about it in high school? Is it because you got me through last allergy season without needing even one round of antibiotics? Yes, it is all of these.

But my secret reason for loving you is that I am a copywriter, and I LOVE how you cover every square centimeter of every product and its packaging with WORDS.

Copywriters know, give an art director or designer three words and she’ll ask, “do you think we can cut copy some?” Words are just ugly white-space stealers. Refreshingly, this view does not attain at NealMed.

It’s like some throwback to a less sophisticated time. Kinda reminds me of a Dr. Bronner’s label. But Dr. Mehta don’t preach, unless it’s preaching about the need to douche those sinuses safely, or preaching the good word about other fine products available for your nasal douching needs. Admire:

Just in case you have the urge to get in touch while douching

Don’t go into nasal douching thinking there are no rules. There are. Lots.

That’s Dr. Mehta, founder and son of Neil, and he has so much to share.

No space is too small for a bright red oval callout. Or two.