Choosing dl destinations: why didn't I do this sooner?

Because I tend to continue doing things the way I first learned to do them.

I’m giving Chrome another try today, because Mr. Safety told me that it would let me choose where to place every item I download from the web (you do remember the web don’t you?).

I tried Chrome before, but went back to Firefox just because I’m so familiar with it. But I download a lot of stuff from a lot of different places, and since I like to keep files organized, it’s always been a hassle to bring up the dl window in FF, control click to view the download in the finder, then drag it to the proper folder. 

So I was excited to learn Chrome would let me place each download where I wanted it. Then I got to wondering, how could it be that Firefox wouldn’t do this simple task, too? And sure enough, it does:

I’m sure Safari does this as well. This is my rut: I learn the basics of a software tool, start using it, and then develop all of these convoluted processes and workaround to do things with it I could do more easily if I’d just take 5 minutes to go back and learn the tool a little better. But in the moment, 5 minutes seems like too great a time investment. Minute wise, hour foolish.  

I’ll probably stick with Chrome, though, because it fits in with my plan to surrender more and more of my life to Google. Would love to hear what you love about it, if anything.