$130 a month because you can't wait for Dexter to come out on DVD?!

From the I Forget Everyone Is Not Like Me Dept:

NYT: The Sofa Wars: In the Living Room, Hooked on Pay TV

Pay TV subscriptions are going up?! We ditched cable some years ago for a lot of reasons, chief among them cost::crap ratio. Oh, but now there’s digital cable, so there’s hundreds of channels. With more crap. And lots of people hate the pay-for-everything-even-though-you-just-want-a-few-things pricing structure, but still go along. 

The really surprising thing is, after becoming a very occasional TV watcher in the years since ditching cable, Netflix instant view on Roku has turned me into a daily viewer again. It kinda fascinates me in an observing-myself-as-if-I-were-a-lab-rat way. What is it about this format that has brought me back to couch potato-hood? I can’t say for sure, but it has. Now every time I have to touch a DVD it feels like a chore, similar to how dealing with CDs felt when I started using iTunes. Electronic media on a physical object? Yuck.  

But no HBO shows on Netflix instant view, and that strategy is obviously paying off, for the cable services, if not for HBO itself.