Statement of porpoise

Here we go.

The fake biblical epigraph above pretty much explains the why. Yes, I’d like to bring some traffic to my site and maybe generate a little bidness. Is that so wrong? You think I’d add another blog to the din absent a little blatant self-interest?

OK, so what am I going to post (he asked, rhetorically)?

  • My oddball tangents on advertising and marketing
  • Questions and observations on business stuff
  • Million-dollar ideas I’d invent if I were an inventor that I hope, A) someone will pick up and run with and years later they’ll give me money for it out of the goodness of their heart (and because it’s the right thing to do); or, more likely, B) someone will point out already exists, I just didn’t know about it, but now I will, because people who aren’t lazy like me will have discovered it
  • Stuff I find what I think is cool
  • Stuff I create that I want to show off, whether work-related or for my own personal amusement and narcissism

Honest to God, I will be asking questions that I’d really like to get answers to, or at least hear opinions about, so please email me with stuff you know, and to get a login so you can comment directly in the future.