Looking back on looking forward


As I polish up my look ahead at interactivey stuff in 2011, I thought I’d also see how some of my past predictions panned out. I tended to stick to politics until the mid-90s, when I started making predictions about some interactivey stuff, too.

1929: “Say, this Herbert Hoover fellow seems to be just the tonic this country needs! Roaring ‘20s, make way for the Thriving ‘30s!”

1941: “Say, I know this Hitler fellow is turning out to be a bit of a spoilsport, but thankfully nothing can pull our country into the widening war in Europe and the Far East.”

1960: “Say, won’t this Nixon fellow make a fine president? He’s just the tonic this country needs.”

1963: “Say, I certainly was wrong about this Kennedy fellow. He’s turned out to be a marvelous leader and I daresay he’ll finish 1963 stronger than ever.”

1968: “President Johnson’s re-election is a shoo-in.”

1974: “I predict President Nixon will finally put this Watergate foolishness behind him and our country can move on, more powerful and unified than ever.”

1980: “Who in their right mind could imagine anyone other than Jimmy Carter taking the oath of office a year from now?”

1988: “No disrespect to Vice President Bush, but this Michael Dukakis fellow fairly oozes competent leadership and will really make a fine president when he takes the oath of office a year from now.”

1994: “Go to the well on this one: no one will ever buy ANYTHING over the Internet.”

1998: “The ‘dancing baby’ represents the alpha and the omega of the Internet’s multimedia capabilities. They’ve gone about as fer as they can go, ma.”

1999: “How do you spell ‘flash-in-the-pan?’ I spell it ‘G-O-O-G-L-E.’”

2001: “If any year portends a seamless continuation of the carefree American way of life as we know it, it’s the coming year.”

2008: “No disrespect to this Barack Obama fellow, but won’t President Mitt Romney be just the tonic this country needs?”

2009: “I hear it’s going to be called the ‘iPad,’ but I daresay people will soon be calling it the ‘iDud.’”