Why, you may ask, is there a picture of a full poo bag on my blog?

An excellent question!

This is a Mutt Mitt, aka dog solid waste disposal bag, for those of you who live a dog-free lifestyle. It’s commonly referred to in the trade as a poo bag.

In the bad old days, dog owners would let their dogs drop a deuce wherever their pooch pleased and simply walk away. Now that we live in an enlightened society, it’s common courtesy to clean up after one’s dog. The City even provides free poo bags in dispensers throughout parks with the heaviest terrier traffic.

Poop scooping is not a pleasant task, but poo bags make it as benign as possible. One slips one’s hand in the bag, snags the scat (hand protected by a thin but reassuringly tear-resistant layer of plastic), turns the bag inside out and disposes of the bag in the nearest trash can. Easy peasy.

That, at least, is what’s supposed to happen.  

This particular poo bag is full of poo. Found at the Auditorium Shores off-leash area, it’s an exemplar of a curious sub-set of poo bag behavior, that of the dog owner who goes to the trouble to scoop the dog’s poop AND THEN LEAVES THE FULL POO BAG ON THE GROUND!

What in God’s name are these people thinking? It seems like if you’d get over your distaste for bagging the poo, disposing of it in a trash can would be a mere formality. 

But no. 

These people feel that once the poo is in the bag, their responsibilities end. It’s as if they think that they are too good to follow the process through to its conclusion. No, the world owes them the service of picking up their dog’s bagged shit and throwing it away for them. Or else they think as long as the poo is encased in plastic, it’s cool to leave it lying around. It may as well be invisible, I guess. 


Yes, I threw it away after taking the goddamn picture.