Public art thingy kinda interesting, sorta ugly

Not too long ago, me and the doggie went and checked out the mysterious installation sited on the spit of land north of Cesar Chavez between the old power plant and the new Gables multi-use monstrosity.

For months I wondered what the hell it was. Were those some kind of weird birdhouses on those poles?

Um, no. They’re lights surrounding a fanciful metal pic-i-nic table.

The 1/4” enameled steel tabletop is die-cut to look like a lace tablecloth.

Detailing reveals precision I’m guessing was achieved with some kind of computer-controlled cutting tool. Maybe a laser? Computer + laser + metal = dangerous fun

Look at this corner. No visible welds. Perfect cuts. Square edges on even the thinnest segments. And the whole thing is so heavily and flawlessly enameled, it looks like it could be molded plastic.

The lights are dim CFs and cast a sickly, pallid glow. Taken as a whole, it’s a head-scratcher. But the delight is in the details.