He doesn't have more time: General Johnson, 1941-2010

You know the song “Give Me Just a Little More Time” by the Chairmen of the Board? The song you aren’t allowed to do at karaoke because I own the karaoke rights to it (along with “Brandy” by the Looking Glass)? Well, General Johnson, the guy who sang the iconic lead vocal, died. His name was really General Johnson. I didn’t know until reading the NYT obit that the Chairmen were an H/D/H enterprise. I’m guessing H/D/H wrote “Give me…”, but General went on to write some pretty successful songs of his own, including the redonkulous but oh-so-memorable Clarence Carter weeper “Patches.” Here’s a pretty entertaining music video of the Chairmen from 1970. Things to note include how little music videos evolved between this period and the birth of MTV, as well as General’s prodigious package. Link to obit follows.


NYT: General Johnson, Singer and Writer of Hit R&B Songs, Dies at 69